Goran Dragic: I’ve Lost Some Confidence in My Shot

Goran Dragic has not had an ideal start to the 2015-2016 season in his first full season with the Miami Heat.

The Heat’s starting point guard is averaging just 10.5 points on 41% shooting from the field and 25% from three-point range.

This has lead people to question if Dragic is truly worth the $14.7 million that the Heat are paying him this year amongst other things. Dragic knows that people are doubting him, and he even is now doubting himself about things, including his shot.

From Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

“I’ve lost a little bit of confidence on my shot, but I’m working on it,” Dragic said. “I’m staying after practice shooting the ball, trying to get back that feeling. I think I’m thinking too much about it.

The Heat have won 8 games out of 12 this year with a struggling Dragic. We can only imagine how good they’ll be once he gets it going.

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