Greg Popovich on the Approaching end of Tim Ducan’s Career: “It makes me sad”

Greg Popovich has never been known as a guy who shows a lot of emotion, but with the end of a players career he has been so close to in Tim Duncan, its clearly not easy to hold back your emotions on that situation. The greatest power forward ever considered by most people has his career winning down. Coach Pop’s spoke on his sadness about TD’s career winding down:

“When he’s not at practice, I’m going to be little depressed, I think,” Popovich said . “It makes me sad. I’m going to miss it an awful lot…I’ll think about it when it happens and it’ll be tough, but until then I’m not going to start being unhappy now.” …

“That’s very possible. I always said that [he’d leave with Duncan], because it’s kind of a funny line. It seems pretty logical and smart to do that. I know where my bread is buttered,” Popovich said with a laugh. “But I basically made the same commitments to Manu Ginobili and to Tony Parker that when they signed contracts, they wanted to know if I’m going to be here and I tell them I am, so it’s pretty tough to go ahead and leave.

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