Hassan Whiteside on his NBA 2K15 Rating: ‘I still can’t dunk’

Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside is all about the video game ratings. After his triple double versus the Bulls which included 12 blocks. Whiteside had a unique motivation coming into the game which was trying to get his NBA 2K rating up.

2k Sports heard Whiteside nice and clear. As of now, he currently stands as a 81 overall rating but there’s one thing that Whiteside still is upset about in 2K: his dunk rating.

“I still can’t dunk. I’m doing fastbreak layups.”

Whiteside also spoke on what would happen to his 2K rating if he averaged 20 points and 20 rebounds in a season. He also touched on his playing style in the game, which isn’t surprising at all.

“My 2k rating has to be a 99 if I do that,” Whiteside said. “It’s like 81 or something now.”

“My motto is I just give myself the ball every time.”

Speaking of getting the ball every time, Heat president Pat Riley has already said that Whiteside will be getting the ball more next season, which will be a bonus for Whiteside in real life.

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