Hassan Whiteside Sets Miami Heat Record With 14 Rebounds in 1st Quarter

Hassan Whiteside may be trying to get his NBA 2K rating up again. Hassan Whiteside already has a double double at halftime with 14 points and 16 rebounds, but he did something even more historic in the 1st quarter. He grabbed 14 rebounds in the first quarter and didn’t play the final 3 and a half minutes.

Hassan Whiteside broke Ike Austin’s record for the most rebounds in a single quarter with 14 rebounds. Ike Austin previously had 13. Greg Oden, who was signed by the Heat last year as they hoped to rejuvenate his career, grabbed 54 entire rebounds.

Both Kenneth Faried and Tyson Chandler hold the most rebounds in a game this season with 25. Whiteside could break that tonight.

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