The Miami Heat are coming off a 37-45 season in which they fell just short of the playoffs. The team is full with talent, and it was a blessing to keep their lottery pick which is 10th overall in the 2015 NBA Draft. Which is in one week. According to Chad Ford of ESPN, the Heat are likely to pick three players at number 10.

Those three players are, Stanley Johnson, a small forward from Arizona, Sam Dekker, a small forward from Wisconsin, and Frank Kaminsky, a power forward/center from Wisconsin. Below is Ford’s transcript for the Heats’s 10th pick from his 7th mock draft.

Frank Kaminsky, Sam Dekker and Johnson are the three players most likely to find a home in Miami. In this scenario, Dekker is off the board (Ford has him going 8th to the Pistons). Kaminsky is an option -they could use more offense in the middle -but the Heat’s needs at the three may push Johnson to the top. He’s tough, plays on both ends and is super competitive. His upside might not be as high as several others on the board, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Miami is just content to hit a double instead of a home run.

All three of these players were on display in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in March as both of their teams made the elite eight. Frank Kaminsky is the most recognizable player in Miami’s targets, the National College Player of the Year.

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