It has been a crazy year for Mario Chalmers. The Heat point guard has seen his role change throughout the entire season, which included him backing up Norris Cole at the start of the season. It then changed to being a starter. then it went to being Goran Dragic’s back-up. Chalmers’ role with the Heat this season has change so many times this season as you can tell. Chalmers isn’t even sure of his role himself now as well.

“I don’t even really know what my role is on this team anymore,” Chalmers said in an interview with the Miami Herald.“I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing”

“It’s something I’ve never experienced before. This is something new to a lot of people on this team, but we’ve got to make it work.”

Chalmers frustration is at an all-time high this season, along with almost every one in the Heat organization. They knew losing LeBron James to the Cavaliers this season was big, they just didn’t know how bad that it would effect them, and Chalmers is certainly one of those people who weren’t expecting to have this time of season, as the Heat are now fighting for the last two playoff spots in the Eastern Conference to try to make the NBA Playoffs again, this time as a low seed.

The Heat re-signed Chalmers to a two-year deal last Summer, as if you remember correctly that Norris Cole was the only Heat player signed for next season when the off-season struck. Heat president Pat Riley was in fact really happy to reach a deal with Chalmers, who has played his entire career with the Heat. We all know how big Pat Riley is on loyalty to his players.

“It’s great to have Mario back,” Riley said. We’re happy that he wants to continue his career in Miami, he’s one of our core players, and I believe he will have a great season.”

With Chalmers recent frustration being pushed out to the media, it’s raised the question, are the Heat trying to move on from Chalmers, or is Mario simply not happy with his role with the Heat? There’s a couple of ways we can choose to look at it.

Going back to the Heat pushing away Chalmers almost, you have to wonder if it’s true. The Heat basically said at the trading deadline that they didn’t believe Chalmers could be the Heat’s starting point guard that could put them into the playoffs and be a tough match-up for anyone in the Eastern Conference. When you go out and get someone who already has been getting a ton of hype from local media and national media, you don’t really know what the player thinks about the move. They may tell you it’s okay, but we know that most times players say what we want to hear and not what they actually think. So it’s very un-clear as to what’s the deal here.

Also, the Heat have brought in various guards this season. Andre Dawkins, Shannon Brown, Goran Dragic, Zoran Dragic, Shabazz Napier and Tyler Johnson. The Heat dealt Norris Cole, which should have been a sigh of relief for Chalmers, but it wasn’t. With the switching of guards and roles that the Heat have shown this year, you have to wonder if the Heat are trying to send a message to some guys on their team just besides Chalmers. Maybe or maybe not, but it just seems like a rainy day in southern Florida right now in the city that was accustomed to the NBA Finals being there every Summer for the last four years.

In four games this month, Mario Chalmers is averaging 4.3 points, 1.3 rebounds, and 2.8 assists coming off the bench as the Heat’s 6th man. This has been no doubt the worst month for Chalmers this season, and it looks like it won’t being getting better. Chalmers was averaging 20 points per game earlier this season when Dwyane Wade was dealing with hamstring and knee injuries. I feel as though Chalmers must be thinking to himself, I can’t drop 20 points per game when Dwyane Wade is on the court, but Dwyane has missed 20 plus games this season. It must be hard for him to know when the Heat need him to play like that and when they don’t. It’s not a very good position to be in if your a NBA player though.

“A lot of people are out of rhythm, and you really don’t know what’s going to happen – when you’re going to get the ball, when you’re going to shoot it, you just never know. You just got to be ready for everything I guess.”

One night he’s backing up Dwyane Wade. The next he has to start in place of Goran Dragic. The next day he is backing up Goran Dragic. The next day he’s hurt. The next day he is starting in place of Dwyane Wade. You really can’t blame Chalmers for feeling the way he does. So, is Mario Chalmers done with the Heat after this season, or what.

I feel as though the Heat have been trying to send a message to Chalmers for quite some time now. With the Heat’s recent moves to acquire guards like drafting Shabazz Napier and trading for Goran Dragic it would be enough to help awake the Mario Chalmers they saw in his rookie season with the Heat. Now that he is frustrated with backing up people and starting, you have to wonder if the Heat are thinking to themselves, he just can’t be a bench player. We have to see what we can get for him before the market gets way to thin for teams that can use a guy for just his point guard skills. Not have him play the two guard like its his natural position, which the Heat have done to many times this season.

Maybe I am overacting about a bad slump or whatever. I just can remember thinking about how Goran Dragic wasn’t happy with his role in Phoenix, being at the two guard and not getting the ball and not having the ball in his hands as much. Maybe it’s something going on in Chalmers personal life. Who knows. All I know is Mario Chalmers tenure with the Heat could become a ticking bomb any second, which I am sure Pat Riley doesn’t want to see happen after seven years of having Chalmers as apart of the Miami Heat family.

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