Is Seth Curry’s Summer League Performance Enough to get Him Back to the NBA?

Seth Curry. No, that was not a typo for those of you who only type Steph Curry when talking about Warriors point guard Stephen Curry. Seth Curry has been nothing like his dad Dell Curry or his brother Stephen Curry when it comes to the NBA. Dell was the 15th overall pick in 1986, Stephen was the 9th overall pick in 2009 (it’s okay Knicks fans) and Seth, well, he went un-drafted.

You may recall Seth Curry getting a chance to play alongside Stephen Curry in Golden State, as the team signed him to a non-guaranteed deal in August prior to the start of the 2013-2014 season. The Warriors however waived him on October 25th, just before the 2013-2014 season was set to kick off. Curry has just 3 single points in his NBA career. 3. He has been given 21 minutes during his NBA career. Hopefully, his fortunes change during the 2015-2016 season, like it is shaping up to be.

Curry is currently playing for the New Orleans Pelicans during the Las Vegas Summer League. He has set the league on fire, averaging 25 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 2.3 assists per game. That 25 point game average exceeds his Summer League high of 10.2 points. That’s a 11.8 point deferential. Curry has been putting in the work all throughout the Summer, and he says he feels like a NBA player. He is confident he will be on the NBA hardwood this season for the Pelicans, or another team if the Pelicans let him go.

“I think I’ll play this season, but I felt like that a couple of times in the past,” he said. “I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.”

Seth is also receiving praise and help from MVP brother Steph as well, creating more, and more confidence for Seth himself.

“My brother is my biggest fan, just telling me to play loose and be myself,” Seth Curry said. “As long as I’m playing well and making my mark and making people notice me, I’ll get my chance. All I can do is compete against guys who are already on NBA rosters and outplay them. Everybody says they like what I do as a player, but I guess you’ve got to be lucky and find the right place for you.”

“When he had success, I feel like I had success, too,” said Seth. “He definitely put in the work to become the player he is. We grew up and pushed each other, so I had a role in that. But I’m my own man, on my own path. I’m just sticking around and waiting for the opportunity.”

So, should Seth Curry get a chance in the NBA for real this season? I say without a doubt. Curry, has not even played one full game in terms of minutes player throughout his NBA career. He’s scored three points, not even a legit chance to get any legitimate action. He’s out here playing great, and while it just is the Summer League, he is playing out of his mind, and working very hard doing so. Give this man a shot, and you won’t regret it, as he would be a low risk high reward type player at age 24.

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