For twelve years, the big name in the Indianapolis Colts’ wide receiver group was Marvin Harrison. Harrison was Peyton Manning’s go-to guy, and the 8 time Pro Bowler is one of a small bunch of players who accumulated more than 10,000 yards in their careers. Harrison clocks in at 7th on the all-time receiving yardage leaders with a whopping 14,580. Now Harrison is knocking on the door of Canton.

About halfway through Harrison’s career, a new career began to take off. This man would be the next great Colts receiver, and his name is Reggie Wayne. Wayne’s illustrious tenure with the Colts recently came to an end after 13 years with the club. While he is currently looking for work, he certainly has an attractive resume. Wayne followed in Harrison’s footsteps, joining him in the 10,000 yard club and earning 6 Pro Bowl nods. Wayne is right behind Harrison on the receiving yardage list, placed at 8th with 14,345 yards. Wayne became Manning’s go-to guy as Harrison got older and eventually retired, and briefly found himself as the guy for the Colts new franchise QB, Andrew Luck. However as Wayne aged, a new player has emerged looking to replicate the success Reggie Wayne had, and also Marvin Harrison,

This receiver is speedster T.Y Hilton. Hilton is fast out of the gate, with 3,289 yards and one Pro Bowl appearance in three seasons. While Hilton is a different breed of receiver than the former Colt greats, he will aim to put up the same numbers his predecessors accomplished. Could Luck to Hilton be the next Manning to Harrison or Wayne? They have the potential to be, and all Colts fans will certainly hope so. Hilton’s off to a good start, now he needs to stay on pace and one day we will be talking about him as one of the greats in NFL history.

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