Jake Arrieta dominated again tonight. It’s becoming a regular thing around Major League Baseball.

The NL Cy Young Favorite went the distance in the Cubs 4-0 National League Wild Card Game win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, and made history in doing so.

Arrieta became the first pitcher in Major League history to do two things tonight. For starters, he became the first player in MLB Postseason history to throw a complete game shutout without allowing a walk and double digit strike outs.

Then, the most bizarre stat that will be the answer in trivia questions for years to come.

If we go back to his regular season ERA of 1.88, he lowered it to 1.70 overall on the year.

“I didn’t want to see anybody in the bullpen,” Arrieta said. “I wanted to finish what I started and be the guy to get the last out. That was the mind-set.”

It was tough to get anything going tonight for the Pirates, and their star player, Andrew McCutchen wouldn’t be surprised if the Cubs do end up in the World Series this year.

“It’s tough because we definitely feel like we have the team to be able to go,” Andrew McCutchen said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up in the World Series.”

Cubs rookie Kyle Schwarber was the other big highlight for the Cubs tonight, as he went 2-3 with a home run in 3 runs batted in.

The Cubs will have to go through the best team in baseball to get to the National League Championship Series versus either the Mets or Dodgers, though. The series kicks off on Friday, and it should be one of the best series that we’ve seen in awhile.

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