Jets Tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson Retiring After 10 NFL Seasons

D’Brickashaw Ferguson, a three-time Pro Bowler known for only missing one snap in his NFL career, is retiring from the NFL today after ten seasons for the New York Jets.

Ferguson was the 4th overall pick by the Jets in 2006 out of Virginia. The 32-year-old offensive tackle made 167 consecutive starts for the Jets. The one play Ferguson missed in his NFL career was when the Jets took out their entire offensive line for a trick play.

The Jets reportedly asked Ferguson last week if he’d be willing to take a paycut to help the team re-sign quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Per ESPN, the Jets and Ferguson never formally discussed the option of re-working Ferguson’s contract with his agent. Ferguson retiring will save the Jets $9 million in cap room.

ESPN was un-able to get a comment for Ferguson on his decision to retire, but sources say Ferguson decided to hang it up because he no longer feels he can play up to the standard he expects.

“He just felt it was time,” one source said.

In December, an article written by Ferguson on Sports Illustrated appeared about seeing the movie concussion. Ferguson said in the piece that despite the risks of CTE he would remaining a professional football player.

While Ferguson never was on the injury report in his career, you have to wonder if the risk of CTE might have stopped him from continuing his career.

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