Jimmy Butler Reiterates he Wants to Remain With Bulls This Offseason

Chicago Bulls shooting guard Jimmy Butler has taken flight this year. The NBA’s most improved player is now one of the most prized free agents on the market, and teams will likely be giving Butler a max contract to try to get him onboard their team. Butler has stated a ton of times on where he wants to be next season, and the story is still true as Butler is planning on being a Chicago Bull next season.

“This is a place for me. I love playing with the guys that we have,” he said. “They continue to bring in great, high character guys that fit the team role. I love it here. I’m happy to be here.”


Butler previously rejected contract offers from the Bulls. He was offered a four-year 42 million dollar contract last Summer thinking he could get more this upcoming season. He was certainly right. Butler also had an interesting take on who won more on this situation.

“Do I feel like I won the bet? It’s a tie. I think we both won,” Butler said. “I did my job and what I was supposed to do, and I think they are happy with where I am right now.”

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