Jimmy Nelson ‘feeling good’ After Taking Line Drive to Head Last Night

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Jimmy Nelson suffered the ultimate scare last night when he was hit by a line drive in the head. The bated ball that came from Pham’s bat hit Nelson on the right side of the head at 104 miles per hour.

(Warning: Video contains graphic content)

In the clip, Nelson appears to be frustrated with the Brewers for taking him out of the game and sending him to the hospital. At hospital, Nelson underwent a CT scan that revealed he had suffered a bone contusion.

About nine hours ago, Nelson sent out the following tweet, updating Brewers fans and other MLB fans of his current status.

Nelson escaped having a very serious injury, and that’s always the thing we hope for when anyone gets hit by a lined drive to the head, or anywhere on their body.

Unfortunately, Nelson was tagged with the loss in the Brewers 6-3 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals despite not finishing the third inning at all. He is now 11-13 on the season with a 4.11 earned run average and 148 strikeouts, and a lot of toughness.

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