Joakim Noah Confident Bulls can Beat Cavaliers in Playoff Series

It should be known that Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah isn’t a big fan of LeBron James lead teams, and he proved that yet again today. A lot has been made about who the Cavaliers will have to face in the playoffs, as we have heard everything from the Atlanta Hawks to the Miami Heat. Noah says if his Bulls get the chance to play the Cavaliers, they wouldn’t be scared.

“I think we’re a confident group,” Noah said after the Bulls 99-97 loss versus the Cavaliers. “And it would be great to play them in the playoffs. It would be very, very exciting, something that I really hope happens.”

Noah’s love for the city of Cleveland is also very non-existent, which I am sure we pretty much knew that just by watching games.

“This is a great place to play basketball,” he said. “Other than that, there’s not much else to do. But when you get on to that court, it’s a great place to play basketball. That’s as much love as I’ll give to Cleveland.”

“Where do we have an advantage?” Noah said. “I’m not sure. I’m not sure. But you don’t want to skip steps. We know these next five, six games are very important for us. We just have to get better as a team.

“But if the opportunity presents itself and we can play Cleveland, I would be very happy. We would be very happy as a team to be able to do that.”

Since 2010, the Bulls are 3-12 against LeBron James going back to his tenure with the Miami Heat. Derrick Rose is expected to be healthy this time around for the Bulls, so maybe things can change in their fortunes this year if they do match-up against the Cavaliers in the playoffs.

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