John Calipari: Anthony Davis will be the NBA’s best Player in less Than 5 Years

John Calipari was Anthony Davis’ old Head Coach at Kentuckey and Calipari thinks he could become the NBA’s best player in less than five years. Calipari: “Right now you look at Davis and say, man in five years, he could be the best player in the NBA. This USA Basketball stuff pushes that date sooner. Again, here’s what it does for him: how to work, new things to add to his game and confidence like, “These are the best in the world so I’m all right.” New Orleans Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams an assistant on Team USA spoke almost the same on his player Anthony Davis: “He’s understand that he is a lead dog among a number of alpha dogs. Mentally, he has taken it up a few notches, and I think Coach K (Mike Kyrzekski) has been a big part if that, pushing him as a leader, pushing him to be a guy on the team. You think about the names on this team, and you look at the impact on the game he has, and you seldom say there’s a better player on the floor then Anthony. That’s got to help him from a confidence standpoint, and I think that’s going to help us moving forward. Anthony Davis is only 21 years of age it’s crazy to think about how much potential he has. Davis could be an important part to the Pelcians and Team USA this year.

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