John Wall: Dennis Schröder Told Kent Bazemore to Smack my Wrist/Hand

Atlanta Hawks point guard Dennis Schroder has had some strong words throughout the Hawks 2nd round series versus Wizards. Schroder said Paul Pierce’s game winning shot at the buzzer in game three was ‘a lucky shot’. Pierce responded to that shortly after the game.

“I guess Schröder’s going to say that ’cause he’s a little young,” Pierce said. “He hasn’t been able to see it over the past 17 years.

“He probably missed with me in 2K,” Pierce continued on. “He probably used me and missed.”

Schroder is apparently moving on to the Wizards starting point guard John Wall. Wall, who returned in game five with fractures in both his hand in wrist told The Washington Post that Schroder was at it again.

You can’t blame the Hawks for wanting to test Wall’s hand/wrist, but to intentionally try to hurt him even more? That’s just un-called for.

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