Two nights ago in the Blue Jays’ pivotal game five versus the Texas Rangers, Blue Jays star Jose Bautista hit a mammoth home run. The blast traveled 442 feet and landed all the way in the 2nd left field deck at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.

You can take a look at the blast below:

No one is talking about the fact that Bautista, who went from one of the game’s worst players to one of the best home run hitters in the game, was playing in the biggest game the Blue Jays have played in since the 20th century. After being down 2-0 to the Rangers and having to win three straight games is no joke.

But as I started off with, no one is talking about the home run. They are talking about what he did after he launched the home run: A bat flip.

Now, I can understand why some may hate the bat-flip because it can be classified as ‘showing the other team off’ and being ‘cocky’, but I have no problems with a player doing a bat-flip when they hit a home run and they know for sure it’s a dinger.

This reminds me of when Lakers forward Nick Young thought he hit a three-pointer, and started to celebrate before the shot went down, only to end up missing it. Yet, no one was talking about how cocky or unprofessional Nick Young was.

So I say, you know what Jose Bautista, and all the other Major League Baseball players out there? Flip that bat like you’ve never flipped it before when you’re pumped. Major League Baseball is endorsing it, so don’t listen to what the critics say about ‘not playing the game the right way.’ Bautista’s home run was the best thing to happen in Toronto sports in quite a while. He felt the whole city on his shoulders. It was the right way to celebrate.

We need more bat-flipping in baseball.

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