Ken Griffey Jr. Believes Barry Bonds is a Hall of Famer

Barry Bonds is MLB’s all-time leader on the home run list with 762, but is still not a hall of famer according to most of baseball’s voters that decide who’s a hall of famer or not.

The voters recently decided that Ken Grifey Jr. was indeed hall of fame worthy. He was inducted in with 99.3% of the vote, and he thinks the controversial slugger Bonds is a hall of famer:

“Yeah. I think that overall, when you look what people have done, yeah. It’s not my vote, so I can’t vote for him. But if you look at what he’s done, those numbers speak for themselves.”

Bonds is one of those players that may never make it to the hall that should. Pete Rose, Roger Clemens, Jeff Bagwell, and Mark McGwire are just a few of those guys.

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