Kenneth Faried’s Reported Extension Would Violate NBA’s CBA

It turns out that Kenneth Faried’s reported contract extension of 5 years 60 million with the Denver Nuggets couldn’t have happened. The contract would violate the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA). So it turns out the 60 million Faried would make over the 5 years would exceed to 89 million over the 5 years which isn’t allowed by the NBA’s. Here’s the possible contract extensions Kenneth could have:

5 years 89 million

You might be asking but he isn’t allowed to exceed from the 5 years 60 million? Since he can only make the contract amount of money given on the extension he can’t make more that isn’t there.

4 years 60 million.

Taking the extra year off would make this contract official by the NBA CBA.

Credit to the original owner for the photo.

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