Kevin Garnett Will get More Minutes This Season: According to Lionel Hollins

A typical 38 year old veteran in the NBA doesn’t get a whole lot of minutes and is mainly on the team for leadership. Not if Lionel Hollins is your head coach. KG didn’t get a lot of minutes last year under head coach Jason Kidd but Lionel Hollins wants to get the last ounce of basketball left in Kevin Garnett. KG shared his thoughts on what Hollins plans to do:

“It’s all good,” said Garnett, who missed 19 games battling back spasms a season ago and will earn $12 million this season in the final year of his contract. “We are not predicated to anything. I think what he’s saying is he wants me out there. Times where I need the rest, I think he will provide it for me. But we are not going to preset anything. We are going to go through this thing as if we never went through last year, as if I’m still playing for Doc Rivers or Flip Saunders or whoever. I prepared myself for it mentally and I’m ready for it.”

Are KG’s best years behind him?

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