Keys to Getting a Perfect Bracket -South Florida Style

So you want to fill out a perfect bracket, you want the money Warren Buffet will give you if you get it? Well have the time to fill out over nine Quintilian (yes, you read that right) brackets and you can do exactly that! If you don’t have the time to do that (because who does?) then I’ll give you some tips on how to get as close as you can (before Duke breaks your heart).

Step 1- Don’t pick against Kentucky: Unless you know something I don’t, you shouldn’t pick against the undefeated Wildcats. The Wildcats currently have a line-up that features 5 starters that WILL be drafted at some point including 3 that will most likely be a top 3 draft pick. The Wildcats are also the only team that is in the top 10 in both offensive and defensive efficiency. Add that to a mediocre Midwest bracket and the only time you should be picking against Kentucky is the Final Four or later.

Step 2- Pick a 12th seed upset: Yes, you heard me. In the past 30 years, the only times all of the 5 seeds have won the match-ups against the 12 seeds are in 1988, 2000, 2007. That should be enough to convince you to pick at least one 12th seed. For possible 12th seed upsets look at SF Austin vs. Utah and Buffalo vs. West Virginia.

Step 3- Make more then one bracket: Unless you have a computer to make over 9 Quintilian brackets, you won’t have the best chance to make a perfect bracket. With that being said, I recommend making more then one bracket. With each bracket, you need to have different upsets and possibly another winner. Look to make at least 3 brackets so you can maximize your chances.

Step 4- Have a Cinderella team: If it’s not Davidson (STEPH CURRY!!!!!) then it’s Dunk City (Florida Golf Coast). Every year, the tournament has a Cinderella team and you need to have one. For a possible Cinderella team, look at Dayton (if they can get past the qualifying round) who went to the Elite Eight last season, Buffalo or Stephen F Austin to go far in the tournament as they all could have easy match-ups until late. My pick is Stephen F Austin to go far as they have an easy bracket until about the Sweet Sixteen, they just have to win the games.

So if you’re filling out a bracket this season, then trust me and use my steps. You may not get perfect but you won’t be a laughing stock around your friends! Now excuse me while I go cheer on my beloved Miami Hurricanes in the NIT!

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