Kirk Cousins Saved Jay Gruden, and More Importantly the Redskins

When Jay Gruden and the Redskins announced that Kirk Cousins would be the team’s quarterback for the 2015 season, I shook my head.

Based on Cousins’ NFL career up until this point, I didn’t think the Redskins would be any good this year. Matter of the fact, I had them as the worst team in the NFL, and winning just one game. If that happened, we would probably talking about who will be the Redskins new head coach, and where do they go from here with Cousins headed to free agency and Robert Griffin III due $16 million.

Cousins made this an easy decision for the Skins.

The 27-year-old Cousins who will turn 28 this Summer, threw for 4,166 yards (a Redskins franchise record) and 29 touchdowns, as well as 5 rushing touchdowns.

Up until this season, Cousins had a 18-19 split in terms of touchdown to interceptions in three NFL seasons, making 2015 without a doubt the best season of Cousins NFL career, which made him ask Redskins fans if they liked it or not.

Not only did Cousins save his head coach from being fired, he saved the Redskins from going into a tough time.

The Redskins gave up free first-round picks and a second round pick in a draft day trade to land Robert Grififn III with the number two overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. The second overall pick was property of the Rams prior to the trade.

That move would turn out to be a disaster after the Redskins thought he was the future of the franchise, and if Kirk Cousins didn’t do well in 2015, I couldn’t begin to tell you where I would start with the Redskins and where they go from here.

The way the Redskins reward him is simple, because his contract has made it easy. He is due to hit free agency this Spring, so what the Redskins need to do is show him the money.

While the Redskins still have some things they can fix, Cousins has made their future look more brighter than it looked prior to this season.

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