Kobe Bryant Defends Russell Westbrook’s Shot Selection on Twitter

Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant has been known to take a lot of shots in his long career. He even holds the record for the most missed shots in NBA history. Bryant often is critized for the amount of shots he takes throughout games. The critics say Bryant’s over shooting is mostly poor shots and it’s hurting the team more then helping them, even when he scores a high amount of points. Similar to what’s going on with Russell Westbrook now, and Bryant took to Twitter to defend Westbrook.

The stat line in the photo was Westbrook’s last night versus the Indiana Pacers, a game in which Westbrook scored a career high.

Kobe does have a very good point we must say.

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One response to “Kobe Bryant Defends Russell Westbrook’s Shot Selection on Twitter”

  1. PreMed student Avatar

    I love Kobe’s reaction! I think Westbrook needs to keep taking as many shots as he can, he is the only play maker on the team who can make anything happen while Durant is out because on a foot injury.

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