Kobe Bryant says the Lakers can Make the Playoffs

Kobe Bryant has seen his last three seasons cut short do to injury. You can argue that all three of the injuries have happened because Bryant is trying to do to much with his ageing body. That isn’t stopping Bryant from saying the Lakers can make the playoffs this upcoming season.

“Of course it can. Absolutely. We have talented players in their respective positions. We have some really young players. How exactly will the pieces of the puzzle fit? We really don’t know. We are going to [training] camp trying to piece this together just like every other team does. We have to figure out what our strengths are, figure out what our weaknesses are. And every time we step on the court we are going to try to hide our weaknesses and step up to our strengths.”

The Lakers have added veterans Lou Williams, Brandon Boss, and Roy Hibbert this year while also getting back Julius Randle from injury and adding rookie D’Angelo Russell. It took 45 games to make the playoffs in the Western Conference last year, as the Lakers won 21 games. The least amount of games won in a single season in Lakers franchise history. The Lakers will improve, but it won’t be by 24 games. We also can’t fault Kobe Bryant for saying this either.

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