Lawler vs MacDonald Becomes an Instant Classic

While the main event of UFC 189 was McGregor vs Mendes, the co-main event between Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald is the bout that stole the show. The 5 round title fight was an exciting, back and forth fight, not to mention it was a blood bath. After a close first round, the champion Lawler broke MacDonald’s nose and was most likely winning two rounds to none. However, a bloodied MacDonald fought back, busting open Lawler and winning the next two rounds.


Early in round 5, Lawler landed a pinpoint punch right on MacDonald’s broken nose, and the pain was too much to overcome, MacDonald couldn’t continue.
The fight should be remembered as an instant classic, a war, and it was one of the top fights of the year. The whole fight card was extremely good, and fans most definitely went home happy.

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