LeBron: David Blatt Becoming Cavaliers Head Coach had no Influence on his Decision

We’re all aware that LeBron’s decision was to leave the Miami Heat and return back to his home state of Ohio to play with the Cleveland Cavaliers once again. David Blatt was hired as Cavaliers head coach June 20th and LeBron made his decision July 11th to return to the Cavaliers. It was reported that if the Cavs hired someone unproven as a coach in the NBA, LeBron wouldn’t have returned to the Cavaliers. According to LeBron James, that is not the case:

 “Him being here, it wasn’t part of my process of coming back,” James said. “Obviously, I was excited once I made the decision to get to know him, get to know what he’s about and it’s been good so far.” …“I’m coachable,” James said. “I’m very coachable, so it never really mattered to me. I don’t go into it saying I know it all. Every coach and every guy has his own system, has what he believes in. So, I’m a very coachable guy. I believe I can help as well. I have a high basketball IQ, as well, I think. But as far as picking a team or going somewhere because of a coach, it’s never been my thing.”

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