LeBron James Should be Cheered in his Return to Miami

LeBron James’ decision to leave the Miami Heat might have left some Heat fans upset and not knowing how to feel. With burning his jersey, switching fan bases, and saying hater like stuff about LeBron was the way most people went. Not me. I am a Miami Heat fan. I hope we win on Christmas day, but I hope our fans honor LeBron James more.

Sure, he hasn’t had the greatest moments with us (2011 Finals) and missing some key shots, but LeBron brought to the Miami Heat what Dwyane Wade couldn’t.

USA Today
USA Today

LeBron turned the Heat into a top franchise in 4 years. Sure, the Heat already had one title prior to LeBron James, but LeBron lead the Heat to 4 finals appearances, 2 titles, 2 Finals MVP’s, and a couple of MVP’s. Forming the NBA’s first major “Big 3” that received all the media attention. We should have no hard feelings towards LeBron James at the American Airlines Arena on a day that is as special as it is Christmas.

LeBron admitted that Miami Heat president Pat Riley “couldn’t have done more” to sell him on returning to Miami. It was just a mater of where LeBron’s heart was. He always believed he would return to Cleveland one day.

Those were my teammates and I gave it all I had. I’ve got nothing but respect for each and every one of them. We were a brotherhood and those relationships, man, I will forever cherish.” – LeBron

“I’ve got nothing but love for Miami,” LeBron said with a smile. “Regardless of what happens, it won’t change how I feel about that city and the organization.”

To add onto that, LeBron also said it was a tough decision to leave the Heat cause of his close friendship with Heat guard Dwyane Wade

“He made it difficult for me,” James admitted.

I am glad the Heat are honoring LeBron James today at the American Airlines Arena on Christmas. I’ll be even more glad if the fans cheer LeBron James.

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