LeBron James Urges Cleveland Protesters to Rally Behind Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers small forward LeBron James asked the city of Cleveland Saturday night to stop protesting as a result of a white cop shooting two unarmed African Americans. James also promised the Cavaliers would come out with a strong energy in passion for the city of Cleveland and its fans.

“For the city of Cleveland, let’s use our excitement or whatever passion that we have for our sport tomorrow for the game tomorrow night” said James on Saturday. “Bring [the passion] to the game [Sunday] night,” James said, according to SI. “And as our team, we’ll try to do our best to give it back to them.”

“Violence is not the answer, and it’s all about trying to find a solution for good or for bad,” James said. “For me, in any case, anything that goes on in our world or in our America, the only people that we should be worried about [are] the families that’s lost loved ones. You can’t get them back. You can never get them back. We should worry about the families and how they’re doing and things of that nature.”


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