Leonard Fournette Won’t be Allowed to Acution his Jersey for Flood Relief

Leonard Fournette has been on the front cover of every website, newspaper, magazine, and college football advertisement this season.

He’s been the center of the attention, with all do good reason. Now, he wants to give back to the state of South Carolina.

Just recently, South Carolina was hit with massive flooding, leading to the deaths of nearly 20 people. It’s clearly going to take a lot of effort to get South Carolina back to full strength following the floods, and Fournette wants to help, but he won’t be allowed, do to NCAA rules.

After rushing for 158 yards in LSU’s 45-24 win over the South Carolina Gamecocks today, Fournette said in a post-game interview that he will be auctioning off his jersey to help the flood victims in SC.

This is an awesome and spectacular gesture from Fournette that you don’t seem from the stereotypical college athlete. Fournette, however, later told the media that the NCAA won’t allow him to action off his jersey.

Fournette is now rushing for 1,022 yards on 119 attempts and 12 touchdowns this season. It would be very cool if the NCAA allowed him to help out those in need down in South Carolina. Fournette went through one of the worst hurricanes ever in Hurricane Katrina, so he understands just how bad flooding can be.

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