Lil B Officially Places The Based God Curse on James Harden

Rapper Lil B who is also known as ‘The Based God’ has officially placed the based god curse on Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden. Lil B, who says James Harden stole his cooking dance told TMZ Sports that Harden is cursed until he apologizes for stealing the cooking dance.

From TMZ Sports:

The rapper tellsTMZ Sports he put the hex on Harden when he failed to apologize or give proper credit to Lil B for his “cooking it up” dance. B says, “He’s cursed for the rest of the playoffs and further notice until he speaks on what dance celebration he’s doing and where it comes from.”

The curse has become the talk of the NBA playoffs, and couldn’t come at a worst time for Harden … whose Rockets are on the brink of elimination after getting crushed by the Golden State Warriors yesterday, 115-80.

If, like most reasonable people, you’re not buying this curse biz — Lil B points out he gave Harden a final warning before yesterday’s blowout, and … “he lost by 35 points to match the jersey number of his former teammate [Kevin Durant] who is actively cursed right now

Lil B gave Harden plenty of warnings as well. Let’s go with several.

Here’s Lil B doing the cooking dance:

And here’s Harden ‘copying’ the curse:

If Harden is smart, he takes a look at what the based god curse has done to Kevin Durant, and he apologizes to Lil B as soon as possible.

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