Mario Chalmers Promises Major Comeback

We all are well aware what happened in the 2014 NBA Finals and Playoffs for Mario Chalmers. Chalmers play when it matters most wasn’t what the Miami Heat needed for a possible 3 peat as the Heat and his struggles were exposed by the Spurs as the Spurs beat the Heat 4-1 in the NBA Finals. Mario Chalmers in large part, blamed himself for the Heat’s struggles. Chalmers:

“I just needed to be by myself, I just needed to get away. That was the main thing.” “To be honest, I sat in the house and pouted,” Chalmers said. “I felt like, for us to have the opportunity to accomplish a three-peat like that, and not being able to perform to the best of my ability, not being able to be there for my team. … I just felt like I let people down. Especially with it being my contract year, I feel like I let myself down along with the Heat organization.” “You know, for the first time in my career, I felt like I wasn’t…yeah, my confidence wasn’t there,” Chalmers said. “Going through that whole San Antonio series, I just felt like in the playoffs I kept getting worse and worse every round. I just couldn’t figure it out.”Yeah, that’s the worst thing, because you never know,” Chalmers said. “Everybody in my ear, talking about, ‘We need you, we need you to do this, we need you to do that.’ And then when it comes to the game, I didn’t feel involved. Like, you all talk about how y’all need me, but y’all didn’t put me in position to do anything. In previous years, if I was in that position, I would make sure I would go get the ball, I would put myself in position to score. I felt like this year, we all just took too much of a back seat in the Finals.”

Chalmers had been searching for a way to move forward and one person helped him. His son.

Chalmers has been working out and getting stronger this offseason. He says “A minor setback for a major comeback”

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