Match Made In Heaven: Why Julius Thomas Should be Considering Jacksonville

Match Made In Heaven

Why Julius Thomas should be considering Jacksonville

The Jaguars (along with the Raiders, sorry) have spent time competing for the laughing stock of the NFL. Jacksonville hasn’t seen playoff action since 2005, which inspired the all so popular Jaguars. Although faint, Blake Bortles is giving hope to a franchise that’s so desperately in need of something to be excited about. On the other end, Julius Thomas has been dominating from the Tight End position for the past two years, posting 12 touchdowns in each season. With the Broncos more likely to sign Demaryius Thomas than Julius, the 25 year old should hit the free agent block running. Jacksonville is nowhere near the amount of success that Julius’s former team has, but in the long run, the Jaguars might not be a bad place to call home.

Blake Bortles has all the talent to be a very great Quarterback in the NFL, the size, poise, arm strength, and a solid head on his shoulders. He is certainly living up to being the shocking 3rd overall pick in last year’s draft. Jacksonville is simply a team that lacks talent all across the board, but managed to fill a few holes through the draft. Wideout Marquise Lee had a wonderful college career and can hopefully turn that into pro success, and he has shown flashes of that, but has yet to prove himself as a consistent starter. With everlasting questions around troubled wide receiver Justin Blackmon, Bortles lacks a consistent weapon on offense which will have to be addressed at some point or another. Julius Thomas would be perfect to fill this hole. I don’t think Blake would have problems throwing to a 6 ft 5 inch, 250 pound monster, and can also help in blocking for the run game. The signing of Thomas would free up the Jags too add overall talent to wherever they would like. Adding a playmaker like Leonard Williams or a Vic Beasley would help solidify a defense that is in desperate need of a high energy player. Williams is a big DT that’s proven himself a day one starter to whatever team is lucky enough to select him, and Beasley had a very consistent college career as an outside linebacker.

The Jaguars are a team to watch this offseason. I mentioned Williams and Beasley, but there are a multitude of other prospects who could find themselves in Jacksonville this September. Dante Fowler Jr has been blowing scouts away with his athleticism coming out of Florida, and Kevin White is also a possibility if Oakland passes on them, (they won’t).  Plenty of holes to fill, and lots of money to do it, you wonder how long it may take until the Jaguars are a force, once again.

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