The Summer of 2016 is going to be a crazy one for fans of the NBA. It’s going to be very crazy due to the fact that Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant is a free agent in 2016, and almost every team in the NBA is going to try to be in the bidding for Durant. The Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Clippers are the newest teams to be rumored in the Durant sweepstakes, according to reports.

Yeah, we know the tweet says DeAndre Jordan is on the Mavericks but the Tweet was ‘tweeted’ before Jordan’s meeting with the Clippers to try to stay in Los Angeles.

Durant, who is expected to resume basketball activities in August would be a huge addition to any team in the NBA. Other teams that have been linked to rumors involving Durant include the Washington Wizards, the Brooklyn Nets, the Miami Heat, and the Golden State Warriors.

You can already tell how crazy 2016 is going to be because we’re already talking about it in 2016.

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