Melo Taking Necessary Steps to Become Leader the Knicks Paid Him to Be

Other the years, many (me myself included) Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony has had his leadership questioned, most recently by former teammate and current Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith, who said, “Melo is more of an ‘I’ll show you,’ as opposed to Bron is more of an ‘I’ll tell you, then I’ll show you.”

Yesterday, it was brought to nation attention that Carmelo Anthony was in Puerto Rico. Anthony was in Puerto Rico originally for his annual fundraiser “A Very Melo Weekend”. What we didn’t expect to see was Anthony with other Knicks teammates in Puerto Rico, but according to a picture posted by center Kevin Seraphin, it shows ten other Knicks players including Anthony at what Seraphin described as a ‘mini-camp.’

This is something that many other great players and leaders across the NBA have done several times. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook recently organized a mini-camp in Los Angeles for their fellow Thunder teammates. They say chemistry is one of the most important factors in how a team works, and it’s perfect to start months before the season has even started.

This is not the first act of leadership Melo has displayed this off-season as well. I am sure you all know very well that the Knicks used the 4th pick in the 2015 NBA Draft to draft Latvian big man Kristaps Porzingis. Despite all the rumors that seemed made up now about Anthony not liking Porzingis or being ‘un-happy and ‘betrayed’ by Phil Jackson and the Knicks, Porzingis said in an interview with Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report, that Anthony texted him after he was drafted welcoming him to the Knicks.

Carmelo Anthony reached out to me after I got drafted. He said, “Congrats, welcome to the team.” I didn’t have his number, so I texted back, “Who’s this?” And then a few minutes later, he said, “This is Melo” with his No. 7 as the “l.” I met him actually when I came for my Knicks tryout for the first time. We’ve talked a couple of times since then.

Anthony has even taken the time to workout with Porzingis, as the two worked out together recently.

I applaud Melo for changing his mindset when it comes to being a leader. He could already score with the best of them in the NBA, but there was always that thought in people’s mind of how good of a teammate and leader he really is to his teammates. The Knicks gave him one of the biggest contracts in all of professional basketball to this date, and he is embracing the big price tag by not only saying home with the Knicks and going through a rebuilding phase, but as well as being a better leader.

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