Mike McCarthy Will Reportedly Give up Packers Play Calling Duties

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy took a huge chunk of blame for the Packers 28-24 NFC Championship lost to the Seattle Seahawks. Many argued that Mike McCarthy’s second half conservative play calling wound up losing the game as the Seahawks were able to fight their way back in the game, while the Packers just kept punting and giving the ball right back.

Mike McCarthy has been the Packers head coach since 2006. He has lead the Packers to 5 NFC North division titles, 3 championship games, and 1 Super Bowl. Which the Packers won 31-25.

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One response to “Mike McCarthy Will Reportedly Give up Packers Play Calling Duties”

  1. PreMed student Avatar

    I think in no way should Mike McCarthy give up his play calling duties. He has kept the packers and their high powered offense in contention for consecutive years. One thing i agree with is that McCarthy called too many conservative plays which prevented them from winning the NFC championship game and advancing to the Super bowl.

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