MLB Playoff Predictions

October Baseball is finally here! We have some new faces looking to make a big splash in the Playoffs this year, so why not go right ahead and dive into some of our predictions for the 2015 MLB Playoffs to see who will be the last ones standing.

American League Wild Card:

Yankees over Astros

I am siding with experience this time, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the Astros pulled out the win.

National League Wild Card:

Cubs over Pirates

You just can’t pick against Jake Arrieta right now, my favorite for the 2015 National League Cy Young Award winner.

American League Division Series:

Blue Jays over Rangers in 4

The Blue Jays will ultimately win due to their advantage at pitching, and with a healthy Troy Tulowitzki potentially during the series, it will be too much for the Rangers to overcome.

Royals over Yankees in 4

The Yankees will put up a bit of the fight versus Kansas City, but it won’t be nearly enough to overpower the favorites to win the American League.

American League Championship Series:

Blue Jays over Royals in 7

This is going to be an awesome series if it happens. The pitching match-ups could be dominant, or, it could change into a pitcher’s duel. Nonetheless, this is easily a seven game series in my mind, that will come down to the final out or strike.

So, the Blue Jays big moves will payoff in terms of Making the World Series. Now, let’s shape out the National League.

National League Division Series:

Dodgers over Mets in 5

Let me start off by saying this. If the Mets beat either Kershaw and/or Greinke, they’ll win this series. I don’t see it happening, though, as the Dodgers will finally advance to the National League Championship series. There opponent will be…

Cardinals over Cubs in 5

This series will also go five games, but I like the Cardinals experience over the Cubs here.

National League Championship Series:

Cardinals over Dodgers in 5

The Dodgers won’t beat the Cardinals due to the fact that the Dodgers have a shaky bullpen, and the Cardinals have one of the best in baseball. Depending on the match-ups, this series could go longer than five games, but I still have the Cardinals winning the National League.

World Series:

Cardinals over Blue Jays in 7

That’s right. We’re getting another seven game series in the World Series this year, and I see the Cardinals going into Toronto and pulling off a very narrow win. Will the Blue Jays be as close to winning as the Royals were last year is the question on my mind, though.

World Series MVP: Matt Carpenter

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