Nats’ Bryce Harper Hopes Mets win the World Series

Nationals star Bryce Harper hit a walk-off double in the 12th inning versus the Philadelphia Phillies to give the Nationals their 79th win on the year.

Unfortunately for Harper’s Nationals, they were eliminated from playoff contention on the same day due to the New York Mets winning 10-2 over the Cincinnati Reds, and many expected that Harper wouldn’t be too found of the Mets following the news.

Harper has been on record for saying negative things about the Mets about the Mets all season long. That’s why his most recent statement about the Mets is coming as a surprise.

Harper can’t be to mad in terms of person accolades he has reached and will reach this season, as the 22-year-old is batting .339 with 41 home runs and 96 runs batted in on the year, making him the favorite for the National League’s MVP award.

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