NBA 2K TV Coming to NBA 2K15 For PS4 Xbox One and PC

2K Sports has already released the scan your face feature so now what can they possibly do to top that? How about create a TV show within a actual video game? That’s right in NBA 2K15 the gaming community of 2K15 will get the chance to show off their highlights from games they play. 2K TV will also feature interviews from NBA players, coaches, and experts. The show will be a weekly show that is expected to have a duration time of 15 minutes and will be on Play Station 4, Xbox One, and PC, the only platforms that will support 2K TV.

The first 2K TV episode is scheduled for October 7th which is also the day NBA 2K15 is going to be released. If you pre-ordered NBA 2K15, you get the Kevin Durant 2K15 MVP pack.

Credit to the original owner for the photo.


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