NBA 2k15 Face Scan Brings Fails

The newest installment in the NBA 2k series has been released (October 7th). If you are unaware, for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One you can scan your own face into the game and use that face for various game modes, such as My Career, My GM and many more. With this new advancement there has been many fails to this, let’s take a look at a few of the very poor scans.

One of the more funny examples comes from’s twitter account @operationsports. Here they posted a collage of pictures that would make someone throw up.

Another one of the more funny examples comes from youtuber Shake4ndBake where he posted a video claiming that he had problems with the process for his player. He then proceeded to show the final product, which is horrifying to say the least.

Of course with all the bad ones there are good ones. One of the very good ones was done by 2k commentator IPodKingCarter.

SB Nation also decided to face scan a dog onto NBA 2k15 which looks very funny but also somewhat good.

It is unknown whether or not a patch will be released for the face scan, so for now you have to enjoy the good and the bad of these face scans.

Credit to the original owner for the photo

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