NBA 2K15 Will Feature Player Ejections and Flagrant Fouls

Last year 2K14 featured that swearing would get you an ejection from the game. Example: If you have a terrible offensive set which leads to you throwing up a crazy shot that’s way off you may rage and say a few cuss words. Well, 2K tried to eliminate that with player ejections if you swear while playing the game. This year 2K15 has added multiple things like 2KTV, Face scan, and an overall new offense flow. For rules and fouling 2K has added something which hasn’t been in 2k forever that is a must needed feature

Flagrant fouls and player ejections now. To keep from getting ejected and causing flagrant fouls you must upgrade player tendencies and personalities.

2K15 drops tomorrow! Who’s ready? #YourTimeHasCome

Published by Tony Montalto

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