NBA GM: Heat Realized Shabazz Napier Wasn’t Good Enough at Small Size

Shabazz Napier is a small guy. Standing at 6’1, he looks like a little kid among the giant 7 footers and even 6 footers we see in the NBA. The Heat traded Napier to the Magic after trading with the Hornets to get him after one season, and one NBA general manger said the Heat traded Napier because he isn’t good enough for a player of his size.

From the Miami Herald:

One NBA general manager who spoke to the Heat said Heat brass realized Shabazz Napier “was not good enough. At that size (6-1), you have to be really quick or a very good shooter, and he’s neither.”

Interesting. Napier didn’t shoot that well from the field last year, shooting 38% from the field, but shot 36% from three.

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2 responses to “NBA GM: Heat Realized Shabazz Napier Wasn’t Good Enough at Small Size”

  1. Carl Winslow Avatar
    Carl Winslow

    No… the heat cut Shabazz because the heat never wanted Shabazz. Drafting Shabazz was a poor attempt at baiting LeBron into staying. Once LeBron signed with Cleveland Shabazz was just a living breathing reminder of that. He’s not the fastest or the greatest shooter, but he’s more than serviceable at his position for his size and did OK for a rookie in the limited time he got last year. This trade was the best thing that could’ve happened for Bazz as he now has a fresh start with a younger team. The kid plays with a ton of heart and headlines like this will only ignite that fire even more. He’ll have to step up on his new team and show he belongs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he earns some solid minutes coming off the Magic bench this season.

    1. Carl Winslow Avatar
      Carl Winslow

      *Traded… not “cut”.

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