NBA Players Show off Their Players in NBA 2K15 and Ratings

NBA All Day Everyday has scrolled around Twitter looking for some news and we found NBA players showing off their characters in NBA 2K15 which is scheduled to be released on October 7th. We also has some rating updates on other players now let’s show you what the NBA players thought about their ratings and how happy they were to see themselves in a video:

Joel Embiid is pumped like usual.

McLemore is casual about it.

Rudy Gobert is looking forward to play it.

Kendall Marshall is amazed at being in a video game.

James Ennis is however you want to describe it.

Isiah Canaan just shows it off.

Shane Larkin is happy with his rating.

Andre Drummond is excited.

Here are some other ratings.

There is KD’s rating.

Credit to 2K for the photo.


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