Grading Every NBA Teams Season

The 2014-2015 NBA Season is officially in the books. So why not take the time to grade how every NBA team did this season. Let’s see if they passed, or failed the 2014-2015 season.

Celtics: B-

After the Celtics traded Rondo, they were supposed to tank the rest of the season. No one expected them to make the playoffs, but they did. I think that Brad Stevens has shown he is the long term answer for the Celtics at the coaching position.

Raptors: B-

The Raptors had a very good regular season, they won 49 games. Before the season we all knew they were capable of doing that, but the Raptors didn’t prove that they could win in the playoffs. The Raptors were embarrassed by the Wizards in the first round. The Raptors still haven’t won a single playoff series with Kyle Lowry.

Knicks: D

The Knicks were supposed to contend for a playoff spot this season, but instead they had the 2nd worst record in the entire league. The season was a disaster for the team and Carmelo Anthony

76ers: D

No one expected the 76ers to be any good this season, and they weren’t.

Nets: B-

No one had very high expectations for the Nets this past season. They were able to make the playoffs and they almost upset the #1 seeded Hawks.

Hawks: A-

The Hawks were the most surprising team this season; they went from being a 38 win 8 seeded team, to a 60 win 1 seeded team. Even though they failed to make the NBA finals, they should lots of improvement.

Wizards: B

For the 2nd year in a row the Wizards lost in 6 games in the 2nd round. Before the season most people thought the Wizards would be a first or 2nd round exit, so you can’t say their season was a huge failure or success.

Heat: C-

No one expected the Heat to be title considers without Lebron, but because of Wade and Bosh they were supposed to be a playoff team. When the Heat traded for Goran Dragic, they were supposed to be contenders in the East, but the Chris Bosh’s injury was the reason why Miami didn’t make the playoffs. One of the few positives for the Heat this season was Hasaan Whiteside.

Hornets: D +

In my opinion the Hornets were the most disappointing team this season. They made the playoffs last season and I thought Lance Stephenson would make them a much better team. But that wasn’t the case; the Hornets won 10 less games this season than they did last season.

Magic: C-

The Magic were expected to be one of the worst teams in the league this season, and they were.

Cavs: A-

The Cavs had a good season, no one expected them to beat the Warriors without Kyrie and Love

Bulls: B

The Bulls yet again, failed to live up to expectations. Entering the season most people considered them at least the clear cut 2nd best team in the East. For the 4th year in a row, the Bulls failed to make the ECF.

Bucks: B

The Bucks were supposed to tank this season, but they ended up making the playoffs as a 6 seed. The Bucks have a very bright future ahead of them.

Pacers: C

The Pacers weren’t supposed to do much without Paul George, and they didn’t. They were in position to make the playoffs but on the last day of the regular season they lost to the Grizzlies and that ended their season.

Pistons: C-

No one expected the Pistons to do much this season, and they didn’t. They missed out on the playoffs.

Trailblazers: B

The Trailblazers had another successful regular season, but they lost in the 1st round. They had a decent season

Thunder: C-

This season was a disaster for the Thunder, injuries killed them as they barely missed out on the playoffs.

Jazz: C

No one expected the Jazz compete this year, and they didn’t. But some of their young players such as Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert

Nuggets: C-

In my eyes, the Nuggets were a disappointment. Going into the season I thought they would make the playoffs because they had an underrated starting 5 and lots of depth. They lost over 50 games and rumor says they might blow up a lot of their team this offseason.

Timberwolves: C-

Unsurprisingly the Timberwolves had the worst record in the league

Rockets: B+

I thought the Rockets had an impressive season, they had a lot of injuries but they still managed to make it to the Western Conference finals in the loaded Western Conference. Last year they were a 4 seed that lost in the 1st round, this year they were a 2nd seed that made it to the conference finals, they showed improvement.

Grizzlies: B

By their expectations Memphis had a decent season, they made it to the 2nd round but they still haven’t won the west with their current core. They haven’t broken through.

Spurs: B-

The Spurs had a disappointing season; they went from being the champions to losing in the first round. On the last day of the regular season the Spurs went from being the 2 seed to being the 6th seed. They blew it.

Mavericks: B-

The Mavericks started off the season very well and it looked like they were going to be serious title contenders when they traded for Rondo, but it went downhill from there. Rondo and the Mavs didn’t have any good chemistry with each other and the Mavs ended up losing in the first round.

Pelicans: B

The Pelicans had a successful season; they made the playoffs in the loaded western conference when they weren’t supposed to. With Anthony Davis, this team has a bright future.

Warriors: A+

The Warriors had nothing short of a great season. They won 67 games in a loaded western conference, and as you probably know, they won the title.

Clippers: B

Everything was looking great for the Clippers when they were up 3-1 on the Rockets, but they had an all-time collapse. They lost 3 straight games as Chris Paul remains without a Conference Finals appearance. If they want to remain contenders, they need to resign DeAndre Jordan.

Suns: C+

The Suns were supposed to contend for a playoff spot this season, and they ended up missing out.

Kings: C- The Kings were supposed to be horrible, and they were.

Lakers: C- This season was awful for the Lakers, Kobe Bryant and Randle both missed a lot of time because of injuries. One positive of the Lakers this year was that Jordan Clarkson showed he has potential.

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