The awards for the 2014 NFL season are coming up. While there are some awards that could be debated and some that aren’t as well debated, it’s still a great time as fans get to watch which of their favorite players take home an award. Without further delay, here are some NFL award predictions.

MVP: Aaron Rodgers


R-E-L-A-X. Ever since those words came out of his mouth on September 23rd Aaron Rodgers has been the hottest quarter back in football finishing the season with 4381 passing yards, 38 touchdowns to five interceptions, and zero home losses. He’s the favorite to win the most valuable player award and for great reason. He deserves it. The playoff race must stop in Lambeau which has become a thorn in the side of Packer’s opponents. There’s a very good chance Aaron Rodgers could win more than just an MVP this year.


New England Patriots v Houston Texans

I badly wanted to say that Justin Houston was the defensive player of the year, but I just couldn’t do it. Watt has been everywhere, disrupting the pass, stopping the run, even catching the occasional touchdown. J.J. Watt has proven his dominance over the league, 20.5 Sacks, 78 tackles, a safety, and an 80 yard pick six. There is not a thing that this man cannot do and he is only 25 years old. The Texans may find themselves out of the playoffs this year, but that is certainly not the fault of the defense. If Jadeveon Clowney can stay on the field and develop, Houston may find themselves the most dominant pass rush in quite some time.

COY (Coach): Bruce Arians


Is it even debatable? Coach Arians has certainly made something out of nothing. Arizona had what looked like an abysmal offence. Carson Palmer being under center, Andre Ellington in your back field, and an aging receiving core. Offensively they looked sub par at best. Thankfully for Cardinals fans, the quarterback whisperer that he is, Bruce Arians turned this offence into something solid enough that they could compete. Arizona has always had a stellar defense and were even missing key pieces this year such as pro bowlers Daryl Washington and Darnell Dockett. Aside from that, coach Arians led the Cardinals to an 11-5 record despite having three starting quarter backs over the course of the regular season.

COY (Coordinator): Rod Marinelli


If you’re a Cowboy fan I can only hope you say pray to and thank Rod Marinelli every night before you go to sleep. This Cowboy defense looked historically bad at the beginning of the season. In no way are they a dominant defense, but the defense’s mediocrity is the sole reason the Cowboys find themselves playing in January. After losing Demarcus Ware and Sean Lee, it appeared as though the Cowboys would have to win a lot of shootouts. Oddly enough, that was not the case. Their defense is in no way a juggernaut, if anything this proves the genius of Rod Marinelli.


OROY: Odell Beckham Jr.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants

One of the most dominant rookie seasons ever, and playing just only 14 games; Beckham has been thrown right into receiver royalty as one of the best pass catchers in the league. After an ankle injury kept him sidelined for the first month or so of the season, he still managed to finish  with 1305 yards along with 12 receiving touchdowns. He also holds most if not all of NFL rookie receiving records. ODB will play in the pro bowl this January in replacement of the injured Calvin Johnson, I think we should all get used to seeing him there.

DROY: C.J. Mosley

As if the Ravens defense needed another pro bowler. Inside linebacker C.J. Mosley fell into the hands of Harbaugh and company in the most recent NFL draft. I don’t believe anyone expected such an immediate impact. He finished the season with 133 tackles, three sacks, two interceptions, and a forced fumble. He helped solidify a front seven that didn’t really need the help, and aided the Ravens to a playoff berth. He’s no Ray Lewis, but I don’t think Baltimore is too upset with the second team all pro.

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