NFL Playoff Predictions

The NFL playoffs are here! That means its prediction time!

Wild Card weekend:

Panthers over Cardinals

I am picking the Panthers in this game because they have a lot of momentum (4 game winning streak) and they are at home. I also do not trust the cardinals passing attack at all.

Ravens over Steelers

I went back and fourth with this one, I am picking the Ravens because I trust Joe Flacco in the playoffs (since 2008 he leads all QBS in playoff wins with 9, the next closest qb has 5) I also think that the Steelers will miss Le’veon Bell.

Colts over Bengals

I am picking the Colts because they are at home and as you probably know, Andy Dalton has a history of being awful in the playoffs. Oh and not to mention AJ green probably won’t be playing. The Colts and Bengals have already played this year, the Colts embarrassed them.

Cowboys over Lions

I am picking the Cowboys because Matthew Stafford has NEVER beaten a team on the road that finished the regular season with a 500 record or better. A big reason why the Lions beat the Cowboys in their last meeting was because of Calvin Johnson, and he has not been the same player this year we are accustomed to because of his injuries.

Divisional Round:

Patriots over Ravens

I think this could be a very entertaining game, but I am picking the Patriots because they are almost unbeatable at home.

Colts over Broncos

Peyton Manning has looked shaky to me over the past few weeks, and I don’t think we will be able to match the amount of points Andrew Luck will put up. Not only that, this game would be played in Denver and it will more likely than not be cold (Peyton Manning struggles in the cold)

Seahawks over Panthers

In my opinion, the Seahawks are that hottest team in the NFL right now. I don’t see them losing at home to the Panthers.

Packers over Cowboys.

The Packers are 8-0 at home this year, the Cowboys have allowed the 26th most passing yards  this year. This game would probably be a shootout and the way Dallas has beaten teams this year is by running the football, that might not cut it.

AFC and NFC title games:

Patriots over Colts

In 3 career games v.s the patriots, Andrew Luck is 0-3 with 6 Touchdowns and 8 Interceptions. And like I said earlier, New England is almost unbeatable at home.

Seahawks over Packers

I was tempted to pick Green Bay because of the way Aaron Rodgers has played this year, but I’m not going to because the Packers are a very inconsistent road team. The Seahawks have already beaten the Packers this year so don’t be shocked if Seattle beats them again.


Seahawks over Patriots.

The Seahawks will repeat as Superbowl champions. I don’t see Tom Brady being able to consistently put up points against the Legion of Boom.

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