Orlando Magic Sign Nik Vucevic To New Contract: 4 Years 54 Million

Nik Vecevic is entering his 4th season in the NBA and the Orlando Magic decided to reward him with a 4 year contract which will give him 54 million over the course of those years. (About 11 million per year). This deal will keep Vecevic as a member of the Orlando Magic till the end of the 2018-2019 NBA season.

When the final terms are confirmed, we will update our article.

Orlando Magic Head Coach Jacque Vaughn spoke on the contract:

I think Nik is growing up. He’s maturing. He’s older. He’s wiser. He’s played these guys more than a few times now, and that’s learning the league. You learn your position. You’re going to face these guys, hopefully, for a long time.

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