Micheal Beasley Drawing Interest From the Bulls

The Free Agent small forward has also been linked to rumors with the Lakers being interested and now along with the Bulls. The Miami Heat are reportedly now signing Beasely for a number of a reasons so we could cross that one off the list. Beasley would most likely back up the Rookie out of Creighton on the Bulls Doug McDermott. Unless, Beasley plays amazingly in the preseason which at this point seems unlilkely. None the less, this would be a solid pick up for the Chicago Bulls.




Credits to Bleacher Report for the picture of Beasley.

Greg Popovich Doesn’t Really Give a S— About Learning Campers Names

San Antonio Spurs Head Coach Greg Popovich is know for never really caring and his responses to media questions and statements. Here, Coach Pop lets his campers now he really doesn’t care about learning their names.

Spurs sign Josh Davis to a Multi-Year Deal

The San Antonio Spurs have signed former San Diego State standout Josh Davis to a deal through 2017. Davis last season at San Diego state averaged 7.7 points per game while grabbing down 10.1 rebounds per game and dishing out .9 assists per game. This was all in 30.6 minutes per game average. Davis comes in at 6’8 and 215 pounds and could be a piece to the Spurs future. It should be interesting to see how the Spurs use him this year and how many minutes he will get throughout the course of the season.



Credits to NBA.com for the photo of Josh Davis.

Warriors Reportedly Sign Leandro Barbosa

The Golden State Warriors have signed free agent shooting guard Leandro Barbosa to a contract with the years of the deal and the money not disclosed. Barbosa is currently at age 31 and spent the better part of his career with the Suns and will help out young shooters in Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Barbosa will provide the Warriors solid scoring beyond Kay Thompson as Barbosa averaged 7 points per game last season. While Barbosa’s best years are behind him, he could be an important piece to the Warriors in the NBA playoffs.




All credits to NBA.com for the picture of Leandro Barbosa.

Michael Beasley has Second Workout With the Lakers

Free Agent and former Miami Heat player Michael Beasley and the Los Angeles Lakers have mutual interest. Beasley recently had his 2nd workout at Los Angeles Lakers practice facility’s and it could only be a matter of time before he is signed. Beasley, who was given a second chance by the Heat last season after off the court problems with drugs disappointed the Heat and there fans by only a averaging 7.9 points 3.1 rebounds and .7 assists per game. More was excepted out of Beasley the second pick in the 2008 NBA draft. So it looks like the Heat are out of the Michael Beasley picture and will move on to explore other options. Beasley would most likely provide bench help for the Lakers behind Nick Young and would be a solid pick up for them if Beasley keeps his focus on basketball.




All credits for the Michael Beasley picture go to there official owner.

Utah Jazz sign Toure Murry

The Utah Jazz have signed former New York Knicks guard to a two year deal with terms of the contract not disclosed at this time. Murry, who appeared in 51 games for the Knicks in his rookie season averaging 3 points a game 1 rebound and 1 assist in average about 7 minutes a game. Murry shot 43 percent from the field and shot 42 percent from long range. Murry never really had a chance to shine on the Knicks roster with being a 3rd string point guard but that’s exactly what the Jazz might have signed Murry for. The Utah Jazz needed another point guard to back up Trey Burke and Dante Exum after trading John Lucas the third to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Murry could get a lot of minutes depending on the health of Burke and Exum but it looks like it’s a similar role like New York.



All credits to the photo of Toure Murry go to Bleacher Report.



Miami Heat sign Shannon Brown

The Miami Heat made an interesting move today. They signed 8 year veteran shooting guard Shannon Brown to a 1 year 1.13 million dollar deal. Brown was a midseason pickup by the New York Knicks last season and did a pretty good job of bringing scoring off the bench and excellent 3 point shooting. Brown was on the Knicks summer league team this year and ending up getting cut from the roster. With this move, the Heat could be hinting that Ray Allen won’t return and this was there replacement for him.

Paul George on his Gruesome Leg Injury

Indiana Pacers Guard/Forward Paul George recently spoke in public for the first time since injury his leg in Team USA’s basketball scrimmage. George said he was hopeful he could return to the Pacers at some point in the 2014-2015 season: “All I can do at this point is sleep, watch TV and lay down, so it’s tough for me,”Paul George said. “The last thing I want to do is feel like I’m not part of this team because I’m out. I’m holding out hope, just personally, because I want to be back.” Even though it is highly unlikely Paul George could return this upcoming season its great to here he is optimistic. George later went onto speak about his first thought of his injury: “When I looked down and saw bone sticking out, I knew it was bad,” George said. “I’d felt pain before, but I have never felt pain like that.” George later spoke on how he knew it would be a big year for him “This was going to be a huge year for me, so for me not to be out there at the beginning, I do feel a little guilty about that,” George said. “It hurts.” Then, George spoke on why he was hurt basically saying because he plays with all his heart which a great player should do: “I never play the game with any hesitation, that’s probably why I’m in this cast,” George said, drawing laughter. “I’m not looking at this as something negative for my career. It’s something I can overcome and it will be a great opportunity to sit back and watch and learn the game.”

Let’s hope PG-13 is back on the Court making shots soon.

Leandro Barbosa and the Miami Heat Have Mutual Interest

The Miami Heat are interested in free agent shooting guard Leandro Barbosa. Barbosa was on the Phoenix Suns last year where he averaged 7.5 points per game 1.9 rebounds per game and 1.6 assits per game. Barbosa would help strengthen a Miami Heat bench and could provide some great scoring behind Dwyane Wade . Barbosa is age 31 and could bring some veteran presence to the young players on the heat in Norris Cole, James Ennis, and Tyler Johnson.

Joel Embiid has a Plan for his NBA Career

Joel Embiid is one of the best follows on my Twitter page, but Joel took to Twitter to discuss a big topic. He provide his take on wins NBA MVP in the next couple year (Photo at the End) Joel Embiid certainly has the ability to be a great player is MVP caliber to far? You decide. Joel Embiid will be one of the funnest players to watch on the court when he takes action this year.



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