Paul George on his Gruesome Leg Injury

Indiana Pacers Guard/Forward Paul George recently spoke in public for the first time since injury his leg in Team USA’s basketball scrimmage. George said he was hopeful he could return to the Pacers at some point in the 2014-2015 season: “All I can do at this point is sleep, watch TV and lay down, so it’s tough for me,”Paul George said. “The last thing I want to do is feel like I’m not part of this team because I’m out. I’m holding out hope, just personally, because I want to be back.” Even though it is highly unlikely Paul George could return this upcoming season its great to here he is optimistic. George later went onto speak about his first thought of his injury: “When I looked down and saw bone sticking out, I knew it was bad,” George said. “I’d felt pain before, but I have never felt pain like that.” George later spoke on how he knew it would be a big year for him “This was going to be a huge year for me, so for me not to be out there at the beginning, I do feel a little guilty about that,” George said. “It hurts.” Then, George spoke on why he was hurt basically saying because he plays with all his heart which a great player should do: “I never play the game with any hesitation, that’s probably why I’m in this cast,” George said, drawing laughter. “I’m not looking at this as something negative for my career. It’s something I can overcome and it will be a great opportunity to sit back and watch and learn the game.”

Let’s hope PG-13 is back on the Court making shots soon.

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