The round of 64 is the first round of the NCAA’s Tournament. Every year there’s always a team in the round of 64 that was favored to win the game and didn’t end up winning, making them “upset”. Hence the term March Madness. You can never be sure which teams are on upset alert, but here are some teams that could be upsetting during the Round of 64.

North Carolina-

The Tar Heels have been very very inconsistent all year, not only that, they drew a bad first round match-up. They will be going up against Harvard. Harvard has gotten out of the round of 64 the past 2 seasons. Don’t be shocked if they are able to do it again

West Virginia-

The Mountaineers should be on upset alert for a few reasons. There best player Juwan Staten will not be 100%, and he might not even play in the first game. Also Buffalo isn’t a bad team at all. Earlier this season, Buffalo led Kentucky at halftime and played tough in a loss at Wisconsin. Also, the Bulls are red hot right now, they’ve won eight games in a row


The team Utah will be playing (S.F Austin) knows how to point points on the scoreboard. S.F Austin ranks 9th in the whole country with 79.5 points per game. Also, S.F Austin won a game in the tournament last year, when they were 12 seed like how they are now. Also, none of Utah’s current players have played in the NCAA tourney so they lack experience


Oklahoma’s opponent Albany is red hot, they have won 19 of their past 20 games. Also, I think the Sooners are a little bit overrated. They were a 10 loss team in the regular season and a lot of big 12 teams in the past have underachieved in the tourney before. I expect Oklahoma to join that list.

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