Rajon Rondo Will Leave Mavericks if Rick Carlisle Remains Head Coach

Things have gone sour for Rajon Rondo in Dallas. After he was traded to the Mavericks in mid-December, the term ‘title contenders’ was thrown around the Mavericks as they now had a lineup of Rondo, Monta Ellis, Chandler Parsons, Dirk Nowitzki, and Tyson Chandler, expected to compete for a title this season. The Mavericks slipped in the standings in the Western Conference, and are on the verge of elimination as they are down 2-0 to the Houston Rockets, and Rajon Rondo and Chandler Parsons won’t be able to play.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports provided some insight on Rondo’s original plan at the start of the season, which was to sign a max deal in free agency with the Los Angeles Lakers.

When Rondo realized his run with the Celtics was over this year, he planned to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers in the summer, league sources told Yahoo Sports. He expected a maximum contract.

Now with Rondo on the Mavericks, it looks he is done in Dallas. Rondo reportedly won’t return to the Big D unless the team fires head coach Rick Carlisle, a move that could be very un-likely.

As long as the coach is back, Rondo’s gone, sources told Yahoo Sports.

That opens the door back up for the Los Angeles Lakers. Will the team decide that Jordan Clarkson is the better option, or will the Lakers give Rondo the max and pair him with his buddy Kobe Bryant? Rick Carlisle also sees Rondo gone from Dallas.

The news on Rondo’s future with the Mavericks broke after the Rockets game two loss versus the Rockets, after Rondo was benched for almost the entire second half. Only playing ten minutes in the game. It’s also not the first time Rick Carlisle has benched Rondo, meaning that Rondo could be fed up with Carlisle’s act.

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