Ranking the Five Best NBA Players of the 2000’s

#2 Tim Duncan

USA Today Sports
USA Today Sports

Team: San Antonio Spurs

Tim Duncan has done it all in his NBA career. Winning, winning, and more winning is the highlight of it all however, as the five-time champion has been a MVP twice and a Finals MVP three times. He is also a decorative member of the all-NBA team along with a ton of all-NBA defensive teams. Duncan is a great player, he has won more than the number one guy on our list, but he isn’t a better overall player.

One response to “Ranking the Five Best NBA Players of the 2000’s”

  1. Smokey Joe Avatar

    Shaq over TD, come on now. TD has A LOT of support to get his rings, Shaq was the front runner for all of his, even with Kobe – even tho I agree with Kobe at #1

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